The 2017 ANZ Cardiothoracic Course for Trainees

2017 Course Topics

Wet Lab; Magna Ease Aortic valve, Physio II annuloplasty Ring
Cardiothoracic Anatomy
Cardiac Physiology
Pulmonary Physiology
Pre Operative Assessment and Monitoring
Imaging – Plain film/CT/PET/MRI
Echocardiography – Principles
Assessment of Coronary Artery Disease Coagulation and Haemostasis

2017 Speakers

Mr Richard Bunton: Cardiothoracic Surgeon
Dr Gareth Crouch: Cardiothoracic Surgeon
Mr Philip Davis: Cardiothoracic Surgeon
Dr Geoff Laney: Cardiac Anaesthetist
Dr David Milne: Radiologist
Dr Jim Faed: Clinical Research Director, Spinal Cord Society
Dr Sean Coffey: Cardiologist
Dr Chris Walker: Cardiac Anaesthetist

The 2018 3 day course will be held on Queenstown in August. Dates to be confirmed.