The 2024 CSSP Course 20-23 July

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Dunedin Basic Medical Sciences Course 2024 – CSSP Fellowship Course

We are pleased to advise that the Dunedin course (previously Queenstown) which prepares candidates for the CSSP exam will be offered on 20-23 July.  The lectures follow closely the curriculum as published on the RACS website and this is a RACS-approved course.

This course is particularly aimed at those who are preparing for the Mid-Set exam in Cardiothoracic Surgery. The course is also appropriate for those seeking consolidation of the basic sciences as they pertain to the cardiac, respiratory and vascular systems.

A residential course, there are discounted rates for accommodation at the Dunedin Leisure Lodge for registrants. Nearby accommodation can be easily found as well.

Dunedin Leisure Lodge (conference venue) discounted rates:

Promo code is DRCOURSEJUL24

Venue Dunedin Leisure Lodge, in Duke Street, Dunedin. Located in a quiet garden setting, opposite the Botanic Gardens, with plenty of off-street parking, the venue is conducive to candidates studying together in the evenings,  either at Leisure Lodge or at the Marsh Study Centre across the road.

Time: 8am to 5:00pm | Morning and afternoon teas are provided.

Cost $2,000 (NZ)  and a $25 (NZ) bank fee for candidates outside New Zealand

Account No: 03 0883 0164577 00

Enquiries to or 021 252 2295


Mr Richard Bunton Cardiothoracic Surgeon
Dr Michael Lau Pathologist
Mr Tim Willcox Perfusion Specialist
Professor Gerry Wilkins Cardiologist
Dr Ben Brockway Respiratory Physician
Dr Geoff Laney Cardiac Anaesthetist
Dr David Milne Radiologist
Dr Sean Coffey Cardiologist
Dr Chris Walker Cardiac Anaesthetist
Dr Viraj de Silva Anatomist
Dr Jim Faed Transfusion Specialist
Assoc. Professor Rajesh Katere Physiologist


Course topics

Cardiothoracic Anatomy
Cardiac Physiology
Pulmonary Physiology
Pre-Operative Assessment and Monitoring
Imaging – Plain film/CT/PET/MRI
Echocardiography – Principles
Assessment of Coronary Artery Disease
Pathology; General, Cardiac and Thoracic
CPB Bypass/Perfusion Protection
Mechanical Support for the circulation


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