Basic Surgical Sciences Course in Dunedin

For many years the Trust has been running annually in Dunedin, a four-five week course for candidates taking the FRACS Generic Surgical Sciences Examination (GSSE) and the Specialty Specific examinations (SSE).

Highly Qualified Tutors

Tutors are members of staff of the Otago School of Medical Sciences and Dunedin School of Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, University of Otago, together with visiting lecturers.

Postgraduate Course

This postgraduate course aims to revise relevant topics in anatomy, physiology and pathology (including immunology, microbiology, pharmacology and statistics), as defined in the textbooks listed by the RACS. The size of the syllabus for pathology limits the detail in which component subjects can be discussed in the available time.

Computerised Tests

Candidates can also take computerised tests, with multiple-choice questions similar in style to those in the FRACS SSE. The Examination is designed to test the candidate’s knowledge, understanding and application of the basic medical sciences to the practice of surgery.